By Dr. Bernarr, D.C. D.D.

Everybody can gain all the healthy weight they want, in any parts of their bodies, that they so choose. Whether you want to weigh 100, 200, 300 pounds, you can! If you gain just one wholesome pound per week, in one year, you will gain 52 pounds! Remember, your body weight is 50% muscle.

Look at every part of your body in the mirror, daily in the nude, to see your defects and where you need development. Those underweight parts of your body, are the areas on which you should gain your weight.

To gain weight, you must do all you can of the following: intense, progressive, resistance exercise, be aware, eat and drink properly, avoid incorrect overindulgence in sex, sunbathe, airbathe, maintain emotional poise, be free of toxins, drink distilled water, fast whenever ill, sleep, meditate, and correct all physical, mental and spiritual dysfunctions.

Many women wrongly object to their doing exercise when they contend, "I don't want large muscles. I don't want to look like a man." Women generally cannot develop large muscles under any circumstances. Only those persons who have long muscle bellies and short tendon attachments can build large muscles. Women generally do not have these. Women are limited in muscular size and strength by their hormones.

Muscles, if their growth is promoted, will provide the ground work of genuine physical beauty. Muscles, the more they grow, the more beautiful they become. Bodily form, the perfect figure, can be developed only by muscular development and proper control of weight by sensible eating. There is no other way to achieve and develop this desirable element of genuine physical beauty.

Do those vigorous exercises that you feel good doing. You can exercise anywhere. Exercise whenever you watch T.V., listen to the radio or audio tape, etc..

To gain weight and to build muscular size or strength, you must exercise and perform that which you are not already capable of doing. You must attempt the momentarily impossible. Such attempts should involve maximum efforts against resistance. Do exercises that are progressively stressful or resistant.

Do exercises that are comfortable and safe, that you enjoy, that suit your life-style, at a convenient facility or program, at a convenient time of day or night, as long and as frequently as possible, as regularly as possible and that you will follow throughout your life. Exercise every part of your body as vigorously as possible every day. Be aware of each bodily part.

Exercise until the resulting fatigue is a delicious languor that woos and wins sleep. Start exercise with an amount that is easy to perform. Advance gradually and increase it slowly. Muscles should be contracted to their fullest extent and joints should be carried through their full range of possible movement. Place great demands upon your body and within reasonable limits. A short period of intense, vigorous exercise is better than a long period of mild exercise.

To gain weight, do as little aerobic exercises as you can. Aerobic exercises (with oxygen), do not put on muscle and therefore prevent you from gaining weight. Aerobic exercise helps you gain endurance, not muscular development.

Aerobic exercises are light exercises such as: long distance cycling, long distance rowing, long distance running, long distance swimming, ballroom dancing, tap dancing, walking, jogging, cross-country skiing, calisthenics, etc..

To gain weight and develop muscles, do anaerobic exercises (not using oxygen, without oxygen).

Anaerobic exercises are sprinting, running up stairs rapidly, jumping high, long and vertically with intensity, rapid cycling, rapid rowing, rapid swimming, weight throwing, weight lifting with low repetitions, hand balancing, gymnastics, chins, parallel bar dips, roman rings, rope climbing, tubing, bands, pulleys, wrestling and martial arts.

Anaerobic exercises are intense exercises that can be tolerated for only a few moments. They are short bursts of all out activities. They are activities using muscle groups at high intensities that exceed the body's capacity to use oxygen to supply energy. They create an oxygen debt by using energy produced without oxygen. They are activities in which oxygen demands of muscles are so high that they rely upon an internal metabolic process for oxygen.

Anaerobic exercises are: Isotonic, isokinetic, isometric and negative or eccentric exercises.

Isotonic exercise involves movement of a constant heavy weight through a full range of possible movement. It is muscular action in which there is a change in length of muscle, keeping tension constant. Lifting free weights is a classic isotonic exercise.

Isokinetic exercise is exercise in which there is ACCOMMODATION RESISTANCE and constant speed. Nautilus is a type of isokinetic machine where the machine varies the amount of resistance being lifted to match the force curve developed by the muscle. Isokinetics is an exercise in which the maximum force of which the muscle is capable may be applied throughout the range of motion.

Isometric exercise is static contraction. It is the application of a high percentage of your existing strength against an unmoving resistance, a fixed limit. Isometrics entails your pushing against an immovable force, such as another set of opposing muscles, a wall, building, door, bar, taut rope, towel, two-ton truck, etc.. If you push hard enough, you feel stress on your muscles. A world famous isometric program is Charles Atlas "Dynamic Tension Course". In isometrics, each exercise should be practiced at several joint angles. Training at many angles distributes the strength gains throughout the range of the muscle's movement. In isometrics, each hard-as-you-can push or pull should be held as long as possible, to the point of muscular failure. Isometric exercises can be done practically anywhere. They are simple and effective. Isometrics increase the strength and improve the muscles' tone and shape. Isometric exercise entails muscular contraction where the muscle maintains a constant length and joints do not move.

In negative or "eccentric" exercise, you lower the weight very slowly, at a smooth steady pace, without interrupting the downward movement. In positive or "concentric" exercise, you raise the weight at normal speed. In negative, exercise, your muscle is stretching and lengthening while maintaining tension against resistance. In positive exercise, the muscle is contracting and shortening against resistance. In negative exercise, you resist pressure and in positive exercise, you apply pressure. The muscle has the ability to handle more force during negative exercise than it can during positive exercise.

For example, when performing a bench press, the positive of the repetition is that portion during which the weight is being pressed from the chest to arms length. The negative portion of the repetition is that during which the weight is lowered back down to the chest. In negative chins, you climb into the top position using your legs, so that you simply lower yourself back down. Negative parallel bar dips can be done in the same way.

Never eat until you are very hungry. Every cell and part of your body must be exercised before you eat. This is for the food you eat to be properly metabolized. Create a demand for the food every time you eat. If you put the best food in your body when you are not hungry to eat, the food will create dysfunction and pathology for you.

Do not eat when fatigued, immediately before beginning work, when in pain, discomfort, or mental and physical distress, when in fever or when there is severe inflammation and do not overeat.

Do not do any of the following: overeat, eat cooked foods, eat non-vegetarian foods, eat unnatural foods, eat artificial foods, eat adulterated foods and eat foods with additives, chemicals and other synthetic products.

Do none of these nutritional malpractice: drink alcoholic beverages, drink coffee, tea, soda or soups, eat cake, candy, ice cream, canned foods, bread, smoke tobacco or take drugs.

Eat foods that you like and agree with you and when you need kinetic energy to do work.

Since everyone is different, everyone should eat differently, according to their desires and environments. Eat only foods that satisfy your nutritive needs, digestibility and assimilation. What is a good food for you, may or may not be a good food for someone else.

No cooked food is benign. Cooked food acts malignantly by exhausting your bodily energies, inhibiting your healing and decreasing your alertness, efficiency and productivity. Raw foods improve the total inner environment. Raw food greatly enhances the efficiency of nutrient absorption.

Raw food enables the body to dislodge accumulated wastes from the intestinal folds and to remove accumulated intestinal mucus.

Cooked foods suppresses the immune system. The heat of cooking destroys vitamins, enzymes, minerals, nucleic acids, chlorophyll and damages fats, making them indigestible. The fatty matter becomes a local irritant.

The heat disorganizes the protein structure, leading to deficiency of some of the essential amino acids. The fibrous or woody element of food (cellulose) is changed completely from its natural condition by cooking. When this fibrous element is cooked, it loses its broomlike quality to sweep the alimentary canal clean. The fibrous matter is changed from its natural state to a poison. Raw food has the best balance of water, nutrients and fiber to meet your body's needs.

Cooking causes the inorganic elements to enter the blood, circulate through the system, settle in the arteries and veins and deaden the nerves. After cooking, the body loses its flexibility, arteries lose their pliability, nerves lose the power of conveying impressions, the spinal cord becomes hardened, the tissues throughout the body contract and the human being becomes prematurely old. In many cases this matter is deposited in the various joints of the body, causing enlargement of the joints. In other cases, it accumulates as concretions in one or more of the internal organs, finally accumulating around the heart valves.

Raw foods are easily digested, requiring only 24-36 hours for transit time through the digestive tract, as compared to 40-100 hours for cooked foods. This increases the threat of putrefaction and disease.

When you eat cooked carbohydrates, proteins and fats, you are eating numerous mutagenic (carcinogenic) products caused by cooking.

Dr. Karl Elmer experimented with top athletes in Germany, producing improvement in their performance by changing to a purely raw food diet. Raw food provides you with more strength, energy and stamina. On raw foods, the mind (memory and power of concentration) will be clearer. You will be more alert, think sharper and more logically. Raw foods will not leave you with a tired feeling after the meal. There is a tendency towards sleepiness after a cooked meal. Raw foods require less total sleep and achieve a more restful sleep.

When we treat food with thermal fire, we lose up to 97% of the water soluble vitamins (Vitamins B and C) and up to 40 percent of the lipid soluble vitamins (Vitamins A,D,E and K). We need only one-half the amount of protein in the diet if raw protein foods are eaten rather than protein foods which are cooked. Heating also changes the lipids. These changed fats are incorporated into the cell wall and interfere with the respiration of the cell, causing an increase in cancer and heart disease.

When grass is covered with fertilizers that are raw and cooked, the grass grown with the raw fertilizers, grows 400% more tonnage over that grown with the same amount per acre of cooked food fertilizer.

After eating cooked foods, the blood immediately shows an enormous increase of leukocytes or white blood cells-corpuscles. The white blood cells are a first line of defense and are, collectively, popularly called "the immune system." This spontaneous multiplication of white corpuscles always takes place in normal blood immediately after the introduction of any virulent infection or poison into the body since the white corpuscles are the fighting organisms of the blood. There is no multiplication of white corpuscles when uncooked food is eaten. The constant daily fight against the toxic effects of cooked food unnecessarily exhausts the body's strength and vitality, thus causing disease and the modern shortness of life.

Cooked foods quickly ferment and putrefy in the intestinal tract. On a raw food diet you will experience the elimination of body odor and halitosis. Cooked food causes allergies.

If you consult the ancient scriptures and sacred writings, you will read that in Eden, people did not eat cooked food with "burning fire". In fact, Chinese, Egyptian, Indian and Hebrew accounts indicate that people were expelled from Paradise for using fire to cook food.

Methuselah, it is contended, because he ate only raw foods, lived to a legendary old age. The Bhagavad Gita says, "Pious men eat what the brilliant forces of nature leave over then after the offering. But those ungodly, cooking good food, sin as they eat it." They're speaking of the ill health to the individual, our race and the world caused by fire-cooked food. In the Essene Gospel of Peace, a 3rd century Aramaic Essene manuscript, Jesus is described as saying, "Cook not your food with the fire of death, which is the fire that blazes outside you that is hotter than your blood. Cook only with the fire of life," that is, the natural heat of the day.

Raw foods are delectable and have more flavor than cooked foods. There is no need to jazz up its flatness with unhealthful additives. These flavor enhancing additives can irritate your digestive system or over stimulate other organs. Avoid these harmful additives: sugar, salt, pepper, spices, condiments, ketchup, mayonnaise, butter, creams, dressings and toppings. Nature clearly demonstrates in the eating habits of every form of life, the basic principles of nutrition.

Animals in their feeding, obtain a balanced intake of basic food components so that the ratio of proteins, carbohydrates, mineral salts and vitamins to each other, is basically the same.

The plant is the basis of all animal life, all animals deriving their food either directly or indirectly from plants. Eat raw, fresh organic fruits and vegetables to supply the requisite vitamins and minerals. Eating these will minimize digestive stress and conserve body energy. A minimum of digestive power should be expended in order to obtain a maximum of nutritional return. Eat only those foods which you can most readily digest and assimilate.

Humans are a class of animals that are frugivores or fruitarians i.e. fruit eaters. Practically all frugivores include green vegetables in their diet. Chlorophyll foods are the basic stuff of life. The chlorophyllous green, leafy vegetables are the richest sources of alkaline mineral salts, vitamins, carbohydrates and the highest quality proteins. Chlorophyll foods are the basic stuff of life. The most marvelous chemical laboratory resides in the green leaf.

The leaves contain an excess of bases, (alkaline salts). The outer, greener leaves and stalks of the green vegetables are superior to their white, inner leaves and stalks. Animals and birds prefer young tender grasses, herbs and seeds to the older forms of plant life. Young vegetables are better than old vegetables. old vegetables are acid formers.

Eat at least one large salad daily. Romaine lettuce is the most superior green leaf vegetable nutritionally and palatably. The key foods in the making of a salad are the chlorophyll rich romaine lettuce and celery. The vegetables next in importance are cucumbers, red peppers and tomatoes. Other vegetables that many have enjoyed in salads that are healthful, are okra, young string beans, fresh peas, tender summer squash, and occasionally, endive and dandelions, when small and tender.

The proportions of vegetables in a salad should be as follows: More than half of the salad should be lettuce, about one quarter celery, and one quarter cucumber, red pepper and tomato. If you cannot masticate a raw salad, then blend the salad. The blended foods should be thoroughly insalivated and eaten slowly.

The food that is best is that of our biological adaptation, namely fruits. Eat high calorie fruits such as oranges, grapes, apples, pears, bananas, figs, dates, raisins, avocados, etc.. Eat proper food combinations.

To gain weight, you must assure that you have sufficient calories for your activities and sufficient protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for body-building. A diet of fruits, vegetables, potatoes, legumes, grains, nuts, seeds and avocados, assures you of meeting your needs amply.

Protein is building material. Adequate proteins are required to gain desirable weight. Proteins are built up of simpler substances called amino acids. Of the 22 necessary amino acids, there are eight that our bodies cannot make but must get from outside sources. All of these eight must be present simultaneously. All of these eight must be present in the right proportions.

Grains and nuts are low in the essential amino acids isoleucine and lysine, while high in the essential sulfur-containing amino acids and tryptophan. Legumes are low in sulfur-containing amino acids and tryptophan while high in isoleucine and lysine. Eating legumes with grains can make the protein in both, more valuable to you, increasing the availability of their combined protein content as much as 40%.

This is true also of legumes with unroasted and unsalted nuts, also. Finish eating the nuts first and rest an adequate period of time, before eating the legumes. Do not mix legumes and nuts.

If you eat the legumes with the nuts at the same time, you may suffer Indigestion. If you eat them simultaneously, the proteinaceous nuts digesting in the-stomach will interfere with the digestion of, the starchy legumes. Starch requires an alkaline medium and protein requires an acid medium, in which to digest. The proteinaceous nuts require the hydrochloric acid of the stomach to provide an adequate medium for the enzyme pepsin to act on the protein. The starchy legumes,,begin digestion in the mouth with the action of the salivary enzyme ptyalin. The starchy legumes complete digestion with the enzymatic amylase action in the small intestines.

Try to eat the grains and legumes raw as sprouts or soaked in water. Use 1 � cups of grains to every � cup of legumes.

Maintain emotional stability. Correct your worries, fears, griefs, anxieties, jealousies, stresses, frustrations, nervousness, neurosis, psychosis, depression, phobias and compulsions. Negative emotions drain your energies and cause loss of weight. Incorrect overindulgence in sex with resultant loss of nutrients in men's and women's ejaculations, causes loss of weight.

With ejaculation, nutrients designed for other vital organs, are sidetracked into the production of reproductive material . This depletion results in insufficient nutrients being supplied to the various biological systems and vital organs. Prize fighters, racehorses and other athletes who want to win, abstain from sex before a contest.

Avoid anabolic steroids at all costs. They do not help you to gain healthy weight, muscular size and strength. They are dangerous.

Sunbathe and airbathe in the nude, each bodily part, daily. Sunlight and fresh air aid the nutritive processes of the body. They increase the blood supply to the muscles. They help develop larger and stronger muscles. They help gain weight.

Fasting is an effective preliminary to gaining weight. Fasting is abstention entirely or in part, and for longer or shorter periods of time, from food and drink or from food alone. No weight is gained while the fast is in progress. The body must lose weight when it goes without food. The changes produced by fasting affect the body's ability to handle food. Fasting increases the ability of the cells to take up and appropriate nutrient materials. Fasting helps gain-more weight on less food.

Fasting improves the appetite and the body's ability, and powers to digest, absorb, assimilate and utilize food. Fasting gives the body a physiological rest and helps it to recoup its vitality and nervous energy. Fasting helps to purify the tissues and clear then of their metabolic wastes. Fasting will enable the body to utilize the nutrients provided in order to build up compact and more healthy tissues.

When eating is resumed, new tissue is rapidly built up. Fasting restores not only the weight that was lost, but goes beyond that point, if the food intake is unrestricted, after fasting. The rate of metabolism is materially increased by a fast. This means that the cells are more active and oxidize more food. Enough additional food is eaten not only to support the increased metabolism, but causes the persons who fast to attain a greater weight than they had carried before fasting. This effect lasts for a long time after the fast. This is the effect partly of the recuperation of the digestive organs through rest and partly of the demand of the body for more food. Sleep, meditate and close your eyes, all you can.

Muscles are built while sleeping, meditating and closing your eyes. Muscles are not built during periods of exercise. Closing your eyes, rests your brain and mind. An electric rhythm starts as soon as the eyes close and ceases immediately when they open. This rhythm serves to clear "negative charges" from the brain. Activity of the eyes prevents recuperation from occurring. Closing your eyes is nature's great restorative healing process.

Everybody can gain all the healthy weight they want, in any parts of their bodies, that they so choose. Don't wait until tomorrow. Start NOW to put on all the healthy weight you want by following the program indicated herein. Become more handsome, beautiful and healthier, NOW!

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