By Dr. Bernarr, D.C., D.D.

Many people write to me, "I have long wondered about the teeth and why so many people have so many problems with them."

The teeth, gums and mouth, are the beginning of the digestive tract. If there is too much toxic stress any where in the digestive tract, the God within forces one to physiologically rest all of the digestive tract. One is therefore painfully unable to use the beginning of the digestive tract, the teeth gums and mouth. To heal one's teeth, one should close one's eyes and meditate proprioceptively (feel) on the pain and discomfort in the teeth.

The God within reacts to the stress in one's teeth and creates inflammation in one's dysfunctional
teeth, to heal the teeth. As part of the inflammatory reaction of the inherent healing intelligence in the stressful teeth, the God within instinctively brings its healing resources to the effected part, to heal it.

The God within and its inherent healing intelligence. causes one pain in the teeth to force one to
physiologically rest the teeth and keep the teeth immobile. In every inflammation of the teeth, the healing intelligence of the God within, causes pain in the teeth, to prevent one foolishly, from trying to move or use the teeth. The inherent healing intelligence is trying to physiologically rest that part.

Dr. Virginia V. Vetrano writes, "Under ideal conditions...(teeth) can be healed. Caries (cavities) can probably be filled physiologically; we just never give them a chance. As soon as a cary (cavity) is discovered, it is filled with gold, silver or porcelain. Nature certainly can't fight against that, although she tries to at times and casts our fillings. I have seen one case where the enamel was badly eroded off all the front teeth. that was apparently replaced while fasting."

In "Nature the Healer", John H. Richter wrote on page 385, "In my practice, I have noted some
splendid instances of broken teeth growing back to their full length without other aid than natural
food. However, I find that this is not generally believed. It may be necessary for grownups to live for many years in Nature's way, before they will be able to accomplish this feat. Their bloodstream must be made vital. On the other hand, I know of men as old as seventy-five years who have grown another set of teeth."

In 1923, Dr. Herbert Shelton wrote, that he saw a man in his 60's grow three new teeth without a
change in the man's mode of life. Dr. Herbert Shelton further wrote, "In total inanition (starvation), the experimental animal is deprived of all food and water. It is obvious that the animal will not live as long when deprived of water as when receiving water. But the reader will note that no changes occur in the teeth in
animals that are given water only until they starve to death." Dr. Herbert Shelton, further wrote, "In the pyorrhea that 'four out of five' are said to have, we see inflammation, loosening of the teeth, necrosis of the jaw, and even falling out of the teeth. In numerous cases that we have cared for, the gum inflammation has subsided, the ulcers have healed, pus formation has ceased and the loosened teeth have become firmly fixed in their sockets, and all of this has occurred while the patient was fasting."

Rene Beresford writes, "The teeth are bones. Bones do heal and regenerate under favorable conditions. Even the enamel of the teeth, it seems is able to repair itself, as I have been able to demonstrate on a broken tooth of my own. Self-restoration of teeth with cavities in them have been reported by dentists within the last few years."

Dr. Virginia V. Vetrano further writes, "Disease of the gums and periodontal tissues heal, while
fasting, and teeth become firmer in their sockets...Abscesses will often absorb while fasting, but it
will usual take a lengthy fast."

Dr. Robert O. Nara, D.D.S. writes, "Teeth can heal themselves...Early caries (cavities) can be medically reversed; the body's natural self-regenerating ability can restore degraded enamel to perfect health!"
Dr. Sogannes, D.D.S. writes, "There is nothing sacred about the original enamel surface...within certain limits, the enamel is capable of fairly rapid organic recoating and remineralization, when favorably exposed to salivary contacts."


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