By Dr. Bernarr, D.C. D.D.

Most persons think of the shoulder joint as being one joint where the upper arm meets the collar bone. Actually, there are seven joints that form the shoulder complex. This composite of seven joints must move in harmony. Each joint is dependent upon the others. Therefore, any problem in one of these joints affects all of the others.

The bones themselves are rigid, but movement of the arm and shoulder becomes possible where the two bones join. You should be able to painlessly rotate your lower arm at an angle of 180 degrees. Without motion in the elbow or shoulder joints, you can face the palm of your hand either up or down.

The portions of the bones where the arm and shoulder meet are lined with a smooth layer of cartilage. This allows for painless, carefree movement. In addition, freely movable joints are held together by a capsule of connective tissue called a synovial capsule. This synovial capsule secretes a fluid which allows the bones of the arm and shoulder to slide easily and painlessly against one another at the joints. The ball and socket of the shoulder is the most easily dislocated of all of the joints and the shoulder girdle is by far the most intricate system of joints.

The three basic elements of the arm and shoulder are the bone, muscle and connective tissue. They act in perfect rhythm, provided there is normal nerve supply. When the nerve supply is irritated or impinged upon, either in the spinal column or in the arm and shoulder itself, pain and limitation of motion are bound to occur.

The most common conditions indicated by arm and shoulder pain are:

Nerve Root Irritation - pinched nerve shoulder pain can result from pressure on the cervical root.

Bursitis-Tendonitis - years of abuse or a specific injury affect the tendons and/or bursae

(refer to our article on this condition).

Rotator Cuff Muscular Tear - one or more of the rotator cuff muscles can become inflamed or torn by injury.

Degenerative Arthritis - abnormal joint motion leads to wear and tear on the cartilage in the joint.

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome - when your shoulder is in pain and you continue to hold it in one position, this can cause adhesions to develop which are referred to as frozen shoulder.

Cervical Spine or Neck - in order for the shoulder muscles to properly function, the nerves that supply them must have 100% functionality. These nerves come from the cervical spine or neck

(refer to our article on the neck).

In order to heal the shoulder, no matter what the cause, one must stop whatever he/she is doing and rest. You see, the body is demanding that you pay attention to it. That is the reason you feel the pain. The body wants to immobilize the area so that you will rest it and give it a chance to heal.

Resting involves lying down with your eyes closed and meditating on the pain. It is imperative that you keep your eyes closed. This way all of your attention and energy go to the area of injury. If your eyes are open, you are distracted and using up vital energy.

Meditating on the pain causes it to ease up because you are raising your pain threshold. This means that you are making yourself fully aware of the pain and the body adapts to that pain and stress. This is the same principle as in building muscle. When you lift weights, at first you can lift 20 pounds. Then the next time, you can lift 25. This is because the body is adapting to the stress you are placing on it.

You continue to do this and over time, the body repairs the area. You will feel it happening because you will be aware of your body. Little by little, it will get better and better. You must be patient.

If, during this time, you feel hungry, then eat. The reason for the "if" is that when you are in pain, your body does not want to expend energy metabolizing food. It wants to use all of its energy repairing the area of injury. Therefore, you may end up fasting for a period of time.

The main point is to listen to your body. If you are hungry, eat. If you are not hungry, do not eat. If you do eat, eat foods cooked as little as possible or not at all. Raw foods are the best because they are the easiest for the body to metabolize and utilize. Cooked foods require a great deal of energy to metabolize and are not easily utilized by the body.

If you feel restless at all, you should exercise. Exercise anaerobically. This means intense exercise of short duration that builds muscle, such as in weight lifting. Exercise until you are tired and then continue resting.

Once the pain in your shoulder has abated, you must continue to live healthfully. This means you should continue to exercise, eat as close to raw as possible and rest and meditate whenever you feel symptoms of any kind.

If you follow a program like this, you will experience radiant health. You do not need any therapies being offered out there. You simply need to have the discipline to take care of yourself and listen to your body when it demands that you rest. In this day and age, this is not an easy task. However, it is the only way to truly worship the body you inhabit.


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