By Dr. Bernarr, D.C. D.D.

Masturbation is not hygienic for men and women. Ejaculation and orgasm are two different entities. Ejaculation is the act of expulsion of semen from the penis. Orgasm refers to what you feel. Ejaculation is de-energizing, but orgasm is not de-energizing.

Injaculation is an orgasm without ejaculation. By injaculation, the semen is recycled and reabsorbed into the blood stream. Injaculation is energizing.

A man needs 7 to 21 days to replenish the nutrition required to manufacture one healthy ejaculation, with its 500 million energetic spermatozoa. With ejaculation, nutrients destined for other vital organs are sidetracked into the production of reproductive materials. This depletion results in insufficient nutrients being supplied to the various biological systems and vital organs. As the blood becomes thinner and less vibrant, so does the spinal fluid and, of course, the semen. When men and women lose enough of these nutrients, they weaken tissues throughout their bodies. Ejaculation weakens a person, causing one illness after another.

Everyone can learn to have satisfactory sexual intercourse, daily. Everyone can learn not to ejaculate and can learn to injaculate and have very pleasurable orgasms. Practice injaculation by mentally and physically holding back the semen from ejaculation but simultaneously having an orgasm. Do not fantasize during sex. Concentrate mentally and physically on you and your partner's sexual organs during sex. You will receive energy from each other, during and after your coitus. The man can help the woman to always have clitoral and vaginal orgasms, solely with his penis, during sex. You do not have to resort to manual, digital, oral, rectal, artificial or other accessory procedures to satisfy the man or woman!

With ejaculation, the normal sexual cycle is 5 to 10 minutes. With injaculation, lovemaking can go on for hours.

A successful method of injaculation I have discovered myself and practice, I will now teach to you.

Practice injaculation by inserting the penis into the vagina, keeping the head of the penis above the vaginal area, proximating the prepuce (head) of the penis up against the cervix of the uterus, before the desire to ejaculate arises. Don't move when the desire to ejaculate arises. Persuade your sex partner not to move either. Don't keep the head of the penis in the lower part of the vagina when the desire to ejaculate arises because you will have to meditate intensely to prevent ejaculation. When the head of the penis is up against the cervix of the uterus, a physiological mechanism comes into action and no ejaculation will be emitted.

To learn to successfully injaculate, make love to your sex partner in a slow, considerate and caring manner. Treat your sex partner during sex as you would want to be treated if someone were to be loving, caring and considerate, to you.


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