By Dr. Bernarr, D.C., D.D.

Dr. Virginia V. Vetrano writes, "Parasites cannot thrive in the man or woman who maintains a high level of health. Parasites require certain conditions in which to grow and multiply and the healthy organism simply has too many systems that prevent their continued existence."

Dr. Herbert Shelton wrote that "drugs to rid the body of worms succeed in worsening the condition of the infected one, making them still less resistant to invasion by parasites. (Drs. Weger and Tilden) said a change to the clean Hygienic diet is all that is necessary, with no in between meal eating...The quickest way to be free of parasites forever is to take a complete fast and live Hygienically thereafter, because the fast cleanses the body and prevents further infestation. It is the Hygienic view that the parasites are merely incidental and adventitious elements of disease and not cause. Wrong habits of body and mind reduce the powers of the body and make it possible for parasites to live in its cavities."

"To repeat, the parasites are not the cause of the disease, but incidents of the disease. When you start homesteading parasites you may know that your tissues and secretions have become so impaired that the parasites find residence in them possible. Parasites of all kinds must find favorable habitats if they are to set up housekeeping. It is well to know that parasites do not thrive in an empty colon and when deprived of the decomposing food supply upon which they live, they perish and the patient lives. This means that the surest and safest way to free the digestive tract of parasites is a fast. This also aids in freeing the patient of his gastro-intestinal catarrh, after which digestion becomes normal. Thereafter a correct mode of living and sane eating will maintain a digestive tract in which parasites can find no lodging. This plan of care works as effectively with tape worms as with amoeba and hookworms. Not drugs to kill the parasites, but stopping their food supplies, frees the digestive tract of them without harm to the patient."

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