By Dr. Bernarr, D.C. D.D.

Unfortunately we are forced to wear clothes, undergarments, brassieres, stockings and shoes in our "un-civilization". Therefore, we must help our feet and skin feel better, function better and look better, by giving them a chance to breathe and eliminate toxins properly.

When I close my eyes during sleep and/or resting, I do so completely nude. I do not wear any clothes, undergarments, pajamas, etc.. I do not cover myself with sheets, blankets, covers, etc.. I keep the windows open as wide as possible, to let in the fresh air and let out the impure air.

Opening the windows at night allows negative ions in the air into your home. These negative ions help cancer, blood pressure, stress, respiratory system, hay fever, asthma, etc.. These negative ions were produced during the day by the sunlight electrically charging the air. Some of these negative ions are oxygen, while some of the positive ions are carbon dioxide. When you are completely nude and completely uncovered, these negative ins will help every part of your body.

At first, while nude, close your eyes for a few seconds, then progressively while nude, increase your closing your eyes to minutes, and then hours and then eventually every time you close your eyes. Gradually do this, depending upon your room temperature and your degree of comfort.

At first, you may shiver, i.e., involuntarily contracting your muscles to get warm, while being nude. Progressively and eventually you will not shiver while nude. When you are completely nude and uncovered in the fresh air, you will raise your metabolism much greater than if you were to take the thyroid hormone, thyroxin, to raise your metabolism. You will develop better skin and muscle tone, also by this method.

Dr. Herbert Shelton in "Human Life, Its Philosophy and Laws", wrote: "Complete organs may be removed from the body, not only the arms and legs, but some of the internal organs, and life will continue as before, but if the function of the skin is suspended for only a few minutes, death is the result"... "The resistant powers of the normal skin counteracts in a marvelous way those changes of temperature to which the body is so frequently subjected. The skin weakened by clothing is unable to do this very effectively.

Again, skin that has become weakened by clothing serves as a less effective barrier to infectious matter from the outside. Medical books list about twenty different forms of skin inflammations, about forty different varieties of hypertrophies, thirty-five of atrophies, several forms of neuroses, several varieties of skin hemorrhages, about sixty to seventy kinds of new growths, and many parasitical affections. These skin diseases appear almost wholly among the much clad denizens of the hot house condition we proudly term civilization, and are seldom, some of them never, met with among the unclad races."

Man also breathes through his skin and it is vitally necessary that a constant supply of fresh pure air reach the skin if it is to carry on its respiratory function normally. A healthy skin is essential to normal health and can be had only by giving it the advantage of those agencies which are intended by nature to come in contact with and affect the skin. No skin can be maintained in anything like a clean condition if it does not come in contact with the air. Anyone who ever had his feet sweat knows how disagreeable is the odor that exudes from then when his or her shoes are removed.

Every one is acquainted with the fact that the feet of the 'bare foot boy with cheeks of tan' may sweat the whole day through without producing such a condition. Why the difference? It is because the sun and air disintegrate and carry away the excretions from the skin of the feet. If they are tightly sealed up in those leather sweat boxes called shoes they are not only denied the benefits of light and air but are forced to remain in their own filthy exudations. Someday man will substitute the sun and air bath for the present water bath.

The manual laborer goes to work on a hot summer day and sweats profusely throughout the day. His clothes become saturated with sweat. It gives off a very disagreeable odor. The hands and face which have been exposed to the sun. and air do not give of such an odor. If one. examines he finds the space between the man's body and his clothes occupied by foul hot air and gases which are very repugnant to the olfactory sense. The man is literally wallowing in his own excretions, he has them bound to him by his clothing so that they escape slowly. This is filthy.

This same thing is true of every one who wears clothes whether they are 'high collared' financiers or just plain folks. it is not true of those who work without clothing. This condition caused by the clothing weakens the skin. In many cases it is almost dead. Man's resistance to atmospheric changes is also lowered to such an extent that every time he meets a sudden change in temperature he suffers.

The Indian could travel all day in a blinding snowstorm or swim frozen streams but if his "pale face" brother attempted this he died a few days later of pneumonia.

A skin debilitated by the hot house conditions produced by clothing is not an adequate protection for its owner. The sooner he begins to harden and revive it the better it will be for his health, This attitude toward clothes will have to pass away if man is again to enjoy the health and vigor that is his by right. In this we have said nothing about the evils of corsets and high heeled shoes worn by women and the worse styles in men's clothing, as we were dealing with clothes as they exclude the light and air from the body.

The effects of these two things are indeed bad. So prone are we to regard those conditions under which we are born and reared as natural and to look upon those things which the majority of mankind do as an average as the best for us to do as a whole that almost everyone regards clothing as both natural and best for man. The fact is, clothing is both artificial and harmful. In truth man was designed by the Creator to enjoy the direct rays of the sun and the soothing and strengthening influence of the winds over the whole surface of his body, He is by nature a nude animal.

Dr. C. W. Saleeby, wrote in, "Sunlight and Health". "this most beautiful, versatile and wonderful organ (skin) is, for the most part, smothered, blanched and blinded in clothes, and can only gradually be restored to the air and light which are its natural surroundings. Then, and only then, we learn what it is capable of."

Arnold Rickli, whose sun and air institution in Switzerland attracted patients from all over the world in the 19th century, wrote: "Man is made to live in the open air; therefore when exposed to the action of light, air and sun, he is in his real element.- As a natural agent, water takes only an inferior place, above it comes air, whilst light takes precedence of every other natural agent, and is the greatest essential wherever organic life exists. The nervous system, which is an inherent principle of our organism is acted upon by light, especially through the skin. The purpose of the air treatment is the strengthening of the skin by restoring its natural functions and vitality and elasticity it has absorbed from its primitive state when directly in contact with the skin."

Sylvester Graham, wrote in "Lectures on The Science of Human Life": "If man were always to go entirely naked, the external skin, the anatomical structure and functional character and relations of which we have fully contemplated, would be preserved in a more healthy and vigorous state, and perform its functions more perfectly, and thereby the whole human system in all its properties, powers and interests, would be benefitted; the circulation, and particularly the venous circulation which is near the surface, would be more free, full and perfect; respiration or breathing would also be more free, full and perfect; voluntary action would be more unrestrained and easy; the bones would be less liable to disease and distortion; all the muscles of voluntary motion would be better developed and more powerful;, in short, the anatomical development and symmetrical proportion, and the physiological power., and functions of every part in the whole system, would be more perfect; and, as a natural consequence, the sensual appetites would be more purely instinctive, and exert a less energetic and despotic influence on the mental and moral faculties, and imagination would be deprived of its greatest. power to do evil".

Dr. Russell T. Trall wrote in his "Hydropathic Encyclopedia", "Almost all persons, young or old, who live in cities can invigorate the skin and improve the general health, by frequent exposures of the whole body to the air of a well-lighted room, applying moderate friction to the surface at the same time. Light as well as air is. generally excluded from the, surface by too much or too tight clothing, which evil such exposures in some degree would counteract."

Dr. Charles Page in 1883, wrote in "Air, Baths": "With a view to exaltation of the entire organism, as well as simply that of the digestive and assimilative system-and in addition to the reform already suggested as to clothing, i.e., a reduction of the number and weight of garments habitually worn, when these have been superabundant I would say to all classes, sick or well, that great advantage will be derived from habituating themselves to transient exposure of the entire surface of the body to the air. Often enough, we observe persons sitting heavily clad, in a warm room and close to the fire, and yet feeling 'shivery' and sure of having 'caught cold.' To throw off all clothes would banish all chills 'instanter,'..."while the delicate ones should with due caution, inaugurate the same system (some will power has to be exerted), but graduated as to temperature and duration, to their special conditions - advancing as their physical condition improves under its influence until they are no longer members of that immense army - the victims of 'aerophobia' ... "Set in practice in a rational manner this custom will never injure the most delicate person , but on the contrary will always prove beneficial" ... "It is one of nature's most efficient aids - it is nature herself, in very truth - and I have seen patients who were thought to be helplessly ill, begin to take on what seemed to be renewed life, largely through this use of fresh air, and the dismissal of the unnatural dread of it". Get completely nude every moment you can in the fresh air, to be well and stay well!

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