By Dr. Bernarr, D.C., D.D.

A man writes me, "I become schizophrenic when I get off my medication. My psychiatrist has me on 12 or 16 mg of trilafon daily to prevent me from having hallucinations, hearing voices or doing something crazy." Hallucinations, hearing voices of doing something crazy, are protective, healing and detoxifying mechanisms of the God within. If one leaves alone and does not interfere with the hallucinations, the hearing voices or doing something crazy, they will completely and permanently disappear.

When one takes tranquilizing drugs to suppress the hallucinations, hearing voices or doing something crazy, one aggravates the toxicity of the mind, body and spirituality. One can only resolve one's problems by confronting them. If one sweeps one's dirt and problems under the carpet, the dirt and problems will grow from a molehill into a mountain.

Dr. Virginia V. Vetrano writes, "Drugs only suppress the body's efforts at healing itself and maintaining its normal condition...Drugs damage every part of the body with which they come in contact." When one closes one's eyes, one mentally feels better. One cannot be mentally ill when one's eyes are closed. One can only be mentally ill when one's eyes are open. When one's eyes are open, one may be perceiving things incorrectly, causing one to come to wrong conclusions and therefore causing one to react irrationally.

If one is nervous, depressed, phobic, neurotic or psychotic, to feel better and to get well, one should close one's eyes and keep them closed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, i.e., every moment one can! Closing one's eyes rests the brain and mind. An electric rhythm starts as soon as the eyes close and ceases immediately when they are open. This rhythm serves to clear "negative charges" from the brain.

Activity of the eyes prevents recuperation from occurring. Nervous energy is produced by the blessed elixir of sleep and/or closing one's eyes. Sleep and/or closing one's eyes are nature's great restorative healing processes. I have helped heal many nervous and mentally ill people, completely and permanently, without drugs or surgery, all over the world, via the telephone and/or the Internet. Contact me NOW and I will help you heal completely and permanently, your nervousness and mental illness.

I have helped thousands of people and animals, world-wide, heal themselves of all kinds of "hopeless" health problems, physical, mental and spiritual, completely and permanently, via the Internet. Contact me NOW and I will personally teach you and supervise you how to heal yourself, your loved ones and your animals, via the Internet.


Dr. Bernarr, D.C. D.D.

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Contact me NOW and I will teach you and supervise you with my new way to have this oneness with your inherent intelligence, your God within, how to properly water fast, how to eat properly, how to exercise properly, how to concentrate, feel and meditate properly on your symptoms, so as to help heal your health problem and your symptoms immediately, how to convert your "hopeless" chronic disease into a self-limited acute illness, how to touch yourself properly with your hands to help heal yourself, how to touch other humans and animals properly with your hands and help heal them from all kinds of health problems, whether they be physical, mental and/or spiritual, how to air bathe and sun bathe properly, how to have constructive sex activity and how to avoid destructive sex activity and how to properly do things with your lifestyle, mentality and spirituality, so as to successfully heal yourself, other humans and animals, immediately, completely and permanently.

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