By Dr. Bernarr, D.C. D.D.

When I lay my loving, caring, gentle and empathetic hands on any sick human, animal or plant, the recipients of my touching them, always immediately feel better and get better. I have laid my hands on thousands of hopelessly ill skeptics, and I always immediately help these sick skeptics, feel better and get better. I have laid my hands on sick humans, animals and plants and they always immediately feel better and get better.

When I lay my loving, caring hands on any living being, one does not have to "believe" to feel better and get better, immediately. As Olga Worral, the "laying on of hands" healer, told skeptics and unbelievers, when she laid her hands on them, "Don't worry about it, kid, I've got enough faith for the both of us."

With those authorities who have witnessed and experienced my "laying on of the hands", I am considered the best "laying on of hands" healer in the world. Energy flows through my fingers into diseased parts of sick humans, animals and plants, when I gently and lovingly, touch their respective sick parts. It is the energy that flows through my fingers that helps heal and it is not I who do the healing.

This healing energy comes from the vital "life" force flowing through all living forms, humans, animals and plants. Every cell in our bodies has "intelligence" that responds to this "life" energy and knows what to do in every situation. This healing energy is called by many,"God", "chi" by the Chinese, "ki" by the Japanese, "prana" in India, "orgone energy" by Wilhelm Reich, "animal magnetism" by Anton Mesmer, "elan vital" by Henri Bergson, "Reiki" (Japanese word, for universal life energy), etc..

Dr. Albert Schweitzer wrote, "The witch doctor succeeds for the same reason all doctors succeed, each patient carries his own doctor in him." It states in The Bible, Mark 16:18, "Lay your hands on the sick and they shall be healed." Many healers credit divine power for their talents, saying they act as mere mediators between the patient and God; they are known as faith healers, psychic healers, psychic surgeons, spirit healers, spiritual healers or spiritualist healers. I am firmly convinced that this healing energy comes from God!

"Laying on of hands" is a rational healing procedure because it works in consonance with the inherent "intelligence" in all living beings. It thereby corrects causes and does not content itself with those harmful, unscientific procedures that mask symptoms or just treat effects.

The body reacts to the stress in the sick part and creates inflammation in that sick part to heal it. As part of the inflammatory reaction of the body in the stressful bodily part, the body instinctively brings its healing resources to the effected part, to heal it. Touching it where it hurts is the most innate response to pain. The "healer's" hands must come into contact with the sick person's body. The sick area of the body always feels tense, rigid, taut, stiff, tight and resistant to the "healer's" touch. The sick part of the body always feels tense and rigid to palpation (examination by touch) because the healing intelligence of the body, wants that sick part to physiologically rest and remain immobile. The tense and rigid area of the body is spastic muscle. (A spasm is an involuntary and abnormal muscular contraction). The only parts of our bodies of which we have volitional control are our skeletal (striated) muscles, our skeletal muscles are extensions of our brain. In every inflammation in the body, the healing intelligence of the body causes pain in that slick part to prevent the sick person, foolishly, from trying to move the sick part. The healing intelligence of the body is trying to, physiologically, rest that part.

The pain is coming from the nerves in the spastic muscle. Muscles and nerves when they have a normal degree of vigor and tension are in "tone". Nerves control muscles. When the healing intelligence of the body wants to physiologically rest some sick part of the body, it overstimulates the nerves connected to the sick body part. These overstimulated nerves cause the skeletal muscles surrounding that sick body part to go into protective spasm and therefore, immobilize that sick bodily part. It is impossible to have any dysfunction or pathology in the body without there also being an existent, protective muscle spasm over, adjacent to and surrounding the dysfunctional bodily part. That is why you can help any sick bodily part, by hand touch healing, the respective adjacent, surrounding muscle spasticity. That is why one can diagnose scientifically and accurately in 100% of examinations, by using muscle palpation, to test for muscular spasms.

No other scientific testing instrument, modality or procedure, is as accurate diagnostically, as muscle palpation. Without asking the patient, you can always know where the human or animal patient is sick, when the respective patient feels better and is actually better, by employing muscle palpation. You palpate the area that was previously muscularly spastic and when the respective muscles are in normal tone, you are absolutely sure the patient's problem has been healed!

Every part of the body is controlled by nerves, and each of these nerves, connects directly with the spine and/or the brain. Spastic muscles press on nerves and cause pain, numbness, tingling and other discomforts. You successfully effect dysfunctional organs, vital centers, glands and all other cells and tissues of the body, when you hand touch spastic muscles.

You thereby, effect corresponding nerves coursing through those spastic muscles. These nerves then connect to other nerves that control these impaired organs, vital centers, glands and all other cells and tissues of the body. Touching with love heals. No words are needed yet a communication of love is exchanged.

It has been shown by kirlian photography that there is an energy emitted with laying on of hands. This subtle energy can transfer information directed by the mind, focused by intention, attention and imagery. This healing energy is transmitted through the hands when touched lovingly. This healing energy is capable of effecting the balance of cell membranes, the DNA and thus the health of living cells. It also creates a change in the blood chemistry.

We are all "healers" of each other. Studies show that the human touch increases the chances of survival among premature babies. Children who are touched often, learn better, are happier and grow at their normal rate. A mother's touch eases a child's pain. Even animals touch their young with this "love" energy.

With the "laying on of hands", there are many evangelists, Protestant ministers, Catholic priests, Jewish rabbis and Islamic imams, who have "healed" incurables. When these clergy lay their hands on the sick, often afterwards, these sick people fall backward in a light trance, known as "resting in the spirit". Jesus, the master healer, healed through the laying on of hands. All one need do, is become a calm focused conduit for the "universal life" energy and direct the energy to the sick person's problem area. The more "hands on" direct contact with a part that needs healing, the more healing love is transferred.

During the "touch" healing, communicate non-verbally to the sick person, ."I care about you", "I love you" and "your life matters to me". Touch with your heart wide open. The healthier and more loving the person doing the touching, the better healing results to the sick person. Touching lovingly is reassuring and nurturing, and strengthens the sick person's "will to live". Be motivated by a profound desire to heal and communicate the restorative energy to the sick person.

The "healer" also benefits from the process as the "healing love" energy flows through the "healer's" body and out through the "healer's" fingers. This is how the universal "life" energy responds to the service that is being performed.

To heal, touch the other person with a caring, empathetic, genuine interest and concern. Dr. Wilhelm Reich, the famed psychiatrist and psychoanalyst said "It's not the psyche (mind), but the soma (body)." Reich therefore, treated the body and not the mind. Reich's successful psychotherapeutic approach to neuroses and psychoses, was to hand touch the emotionally dysfunctional patient's muscular spasticity. Reich chose not to use the Freudian, orthodox psychoanalytic approach of talking to the patient who lied down on the couch. Reich proved that after hand touching the mentally ill patient's muscular spasticity, the patient's mental repressions, inhibitions, anxieties, phobias, compulsions, obsessions, alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking addiction, gambling addiction, anorexia, bulimia, overeating, neuroses and psychoses, got better and disappeared. Dr. J. Robinson Verner wrote thusly, about "laying on of hands", "The textbooks of Ranson, Berry, Gray, and of the other anatomists contain definite proof that the nerve pathways described (concerning this) are really present..", "Brubaker, Starling, and other recognized physiologists give the neurological principles on which (this) is based. It is proved in the textbooks of neurology that man is a thoroughly integrated unit, that the nervous system is the integrating mechanism, and that it must be intact in order to function normally. This is the (laying on of hands) basic principle." "Any one who carefully reads such a text as Zinsser's bacteriology will see time and time again, neurological syndromes which definitely and conclusively place neurology at the basis of many infectious phenomena. This is quite in keeping with the more revolutionary findings of Speransky. Speransky definitely states that bacterial activity depends upon neural activity."

Verner also wrote that the experiments of Dr. A. D. Speransky, Director of the Department of Patho-physiology of the All-Union Institute of Experimental Medicine in Leningrad, Russia, confirmed the clinical observations of "laying on of hands" healers. "Speransky's experiments have demonstrated to the nth degree, that the nervous system plays the leading role in the phenomena of health and disease, and that infectious disease is no exception." "When a child falls or bumps itself, it generally runs to the mother, who rubs the injured area, kisses, pets, talks to and sympathizes with the child, and soon the trouble is 'cured'. When a member of the family is sick, someone in the household strokes the hands and arms of the ailing person, presses the head, rubs the back, pets the sufferer, and thus establishes a feeling of comfort and security. There is cessation of pain and confidence that improvement is going to follow. The 'healing hand' has been a by-word, one might say, through the ages, and still is at the present time. The 'magnetic touch' is common parlance, and is probably as ancient as language itself. It is said that some 'inherit' this 'gift'. Some are frequently told that they possess 'marvelous hands for healing'."

Some healers contend that with the power of their brains and wills, they propel a therapeutic current through their hands, to their patients. The healers experience a sensation of heat in their hands and so, too, does the patient feel such, within the affected area that is touched. The skin-on-skin contact exerts a gentle, warming, relaxing, soothing and tingling sensation.

Lossing and Sweetmam, write that AIDS patients feel isolated during their illness. They desperately need to be touched. Almost everyone they know, physically distance themselves from AIDS patients because of the unscientific misconception of deadly contagion. "Without human contact, these AIDS patients give up faster and fall into great despair."

"Think of what is commonly referred to as the 'chemistry' between lovers. Lovers experience an intense togetherness through touch."

That some sort of transference between healer and patient does appear to take place, was demonstrated by Maxwell Cade in London, England, in the 19701s. Using an electroencephalographic brainwave monitor, he found that the brainwave patterns of both healer and patient altered simultaneously as the healer started to concentrate.

Matthew manning, an internationally respected healer, demonstrated, in scientifically controlled laboratory conditions, between 1977 and 1982, that he could "heal" uterine cervical cancer cells, when he laid his hands on plastic flasks, in which had been. grown, these uterine cervical cancer cells.

The experiment was repeated 30 times in the United States and subsequently over successful trials at the University of London. "Holistic Health Promotion" writes, "(Professor Bernard) Grad, a biochemist at McGill University (in Canada), was one of the first to investigate healing by laying on of hands. He conducted a series of double blind experiments using the renowned healer, Oskar Estebany. These experiments divided wounded mice and damaged barley seeds into control and experimental groups. Estebany used healing touch in the "energy fields" of the experimental groups and demonstrated a significantly accelerated healing rate in comparison to the control groups."

Serge King in "Kahuna Healing" writes of a healer who was tested under very strict conditions by a doctor at McGill University in Canada. Each day the healer held a bottle of water in his hands. The water was then used to water plants. The plants watered from his bottle grew significantly better than the control groups. King writes "I have met quite a few 'psychic healers' who report feeling completely exhausted after giving a number of healings using their hands." "Yoga Journal" writes, "One danger faced by psychic healers ' is getting caught up in other people's suffering and dissipating one's personal energy during a healing."

All healers have their own distinctive ways of laying on their hands. Dr. Abne Eisenberg writes, "The experienced ... patient can usually differentiate between a pair of 'healing hands' from those that are not quite sure of what they are doing. Healing hands immediately establish a therapeutic rapport with the patient - a bonding based upon touch. Touch, together with reassuring verbal communication, has been found, to not only have a tranquilizing effect, but also a decidedly healing power." "Researchers have noted that women are especially attuned to the location of touch, whereas men are more attuned to the kind of touch that is used.

Desmond Morris refers to us as a touch-starved society. Anne Gottlieb writes "Frequent, loving physical contact with other human beings: cuddling, snuggling, stroking, hugging, holding hands, walking arm-in-arm, arms around each other's shoulders, arms around other's waists. All of us need it. And most of us probably don't get enough of it."

Dr. Stephen Thayer writes, "People who touch arms, legs and other non-sexual body parts while communicating tend to be more talkative, cheerful, independent and socially skilled than those who prefer a 'hand's-off' approach.

'Touchers', are also less afraid, less tense and less suspicious of others, while those who view touching as intrusive or seductive tend to be emotionally unstable and apprehensive, and usually have low self-esteem."

A "life" force healing energy runs through all living beings. This energy can always be transmitted through your fingers to any other living being of your choice, and heal such living being, immediately, when you lovingly hand touch such living being!

I have helped thousands of people and animals, world-wide, heal themselves of all kinds of "hopeless" health problems, physical, mental and spiritual, completely and permanently, via the Internet. Contact me NOW and I will personally teach you and supervise you how to heal yourself, your loved ones and your animals, via the Internet.


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