By Dr. Bernarr, D.C., D.D.

Someone wrote to me, "I have seen plenty of evidence that iridology is a valid science ... Before you debunk subjects re this, you should take the time to learn a little about them. There are books written about the subject. I bet you haven't bothered to look at any of them.." I have never seen any evidence that iridology has any validity. I have taken the time to study iridology and I have read many books on the subject. Nothing that I have seen or read has convinced me that there can be any logical connection between the iris and other parts of the body. If there is dysfunction in an area of the body, that area will manifest symptoms. This is the way the body works and this is very logical.

You also wrote, "Impurities in the iris point to constitutional weaknesses, not necessarily to disease. As long as the weaknesses remain, corresponding impurities will be seen in the iris." Impurities in the iris point to toxicity. A pure diet alone will not clear the irises of this toxicity. A correct lifestyle of rest, feeling meditation, vigorous anaerobic exercise along with pure raw and unprocessed foods will help the body to detoxify the irises. According to the British Medical Journal 297:1578-1581, 1988,

"Reports on an experiment in which five leading iridologists were asked to examine stereo color slides of the right iris of 78 people, half of whom had gall bladder disease, presented in random order. None of the iridologists could distinguish between the patients with. gallbladder disease and the people who were healthy. Nor did they agree with each other about which was which." The dean of iris diagnosticians in America was J. Haskel Kritzer, M.D. In 1922, in New York City, he lectured at the American School of Naturopathy. In. his lecture, he made the usual boastful claim as to the reliability and superiority of iris diagnosis. A skeptic in the audience, Dr. Duncan (M.D.), during Kritzer's question and answer period, asked a question of Kritzer. Duncan. said, "Dr. Kritzer, I have just recently sustained a fracture of one of the bones of my body. Just as a test, would you look into my eyes and tell me the location of the fracture? "Kritzer answered, "We do not have to do that anymore. We used to submit to public tests, but we do not have to do it any longer. Iris diagnosis is now a science. To find the location of your fracture would be like Iooking for a needle in a haystack." Kritzer refused to answer Duncan's question. Duncan and others in attendance at the lecture left dissatisfied. In fact, they were so dissatisfied that they refused to enroll in his iris diagnostic course. For Kritzer to assert that to find the sign in the iris of a fractured bone was next to impossible, was to reduce the claim of iris diagnosis to absurdity. Iris diagnosis is not scientific.

Ask several iris diagnosticians to examine the irises of the same patient subjects. Each of these iris diagnosticians will give you a different iris diagnosis and finding. There is no anatomical or physiological basis for the assumption that each part of the body is represented by a special part of the iris. There is no corroborative evidence that the signs associated with the irises have any meanings attached to them.

At autopsies, there is no scientific evidence to validate the correctness of iris findings. I have helped heal thousands of people with "hopeless" problems, completely and permanently, without drugs or surgery, all over the world, via the Internet. Contact me NOW and I will help heal you completely and permanently.


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