HERBS - Schulze Therapy

By Dr. Bernarr D.C., D.D.

A lady wrote me of her successful healing of her 11 tumors.
She wrote that the healing of her tumors is a result of her pursuing the Dr. Schulze Herbal Therapy Program.

I assured her that she healed her own tumors. Schulze's herbs had nothing to do with healing her tumors.

Herbs do not heal anything nor anyone. One does not eat an herb to heal anything. No herb has the power to heal anything nor anyone. If an herb tastes good to one and agrees with one, then one can eat it. If an herb does not taste good to one nor if it does not agree with one, then one should avoid it.

Eating herbs that one does not like, will be toxic for one. Applying herb applications to one's skin, is not therapeutic but will be toxic for one. Herbs are to eaten by one's mouth, if the herbs are palatable. One eats with one's mouth not with one's skin.
No food either is therapeutic for any living being.

There is no such thing as Schulze's "Liver/Gall Bladder Flush" or "Kidney/Bladder Flush".
Only one's living body has the vitality to act and react.
Herbs, foods and "flushes" are inert objects that have no ability to create any action or reaction in a living body.  

Schulze's recommendation to eat garlic for therapeutic effect is incorrect.
No living being should eat garlic. Garlic is toxic for all living beings.

A food is an object that a living body ingests and anabolically assimilates.
Garlic is not a food. Garlic is rejected by the living body. When one eats garlic, the living body does not assimilate the garlic but vigorously rejects the garlic. After eating garlic, one's breath stinks, one's skin stinks, one's urine and feces are malodorous.
Schulze's hydrotherapy program is incorrect.

No living body should be subjected to a water enema as Schulze recommends.
One drinks water with one's mouth not with one's rectum.

Schulze's recommendation to take an enema with Aloe Vera gel and wheatgrass is equally toxic to the living body. If one finds Aloe Vera gel and/or wheatgrass palatable, then eat such with one's mouth, not with one's rectum.

Schulze's recommendation to take hot and cold showers "to move blood and create circulation" is incorrect. If one likes to take hot and/or cold showers, then one can take such showers. The showers have no therapeutic effect on the living body.

Schulze's "Cold Sheet Treatment' is incorrect. "Cold Sheets" have no therapeutic effects on the living body.
Schulze's "deep foot reflexology" massage is incorrect. There is no scientific reflex connection between areas of one's feet and any corresponding areas of a living body.   
Schulze's "skin brush" therapeutic recommendations are incorrect. If one likes to skin brush one's skin, then one can do such.

Schulze's "deep breathing" therapeutic recommendations are incorrect. One's living body will always appropriately breath as it needs, to accommodate to the respiratory stress to which the living body is subjected.

Do not use herbs as therapy. If you want to eat herbs, contact me NOW and I will teach you how, when, why, here and what herbs to eat. I have helped many people all over the world, via the Internet, learn how to eat herbs properly, so that they are able to achieve the nutritional results they desire.I have helped thousands of people and animals, world-wide, heal themselves of all kinds of "hopeless" health problems, physical, mental and spiritual, completely and permanently, via the Internet. Contact me NOW and I will personally teach you and supervise you how to heal yourself, your loved ones and your animals, via the Internet.


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