By Dr. Bernarr, D.C., D.D.

Hemophilia can be healed completely and permanently, without drugs or surgery. Dr. George S. Weger, Natural Hygienist, helped many cases of hemophilia. He wrote, "All such cases that it has been our privilege to treat, have made satisfactory recoveries. In these cases the diagnosis was not a matter of doubt, it having been made by men of unquestioned ability and national reputation whose prognosis was unfavorable and whose treatment was frankly acknowledged to be ineffective."

Dr. Herbert Shelton wrote of hemophilia, "The fast should be continued until the volume of blood is lowered sufficiently to stop the bleeding from the nose or any other part of the body." Dr. Virginia Vetrano writes of hemophilia, "If the hemophiliac is hemorrhaging, he should be put to bed, kept still and calm. Those attending him should conceal all fear to the end that fear and anxiety do hinder the healing processes of the bleeder. There is no need for the hemorrhaging person to fear fasting. As soon as the blood volume is down to normal from bleeding, all bleeding will stop, after which, while fasting, regeneration of the necessary components will take place very quickly. No food should be given until all bleeding has ceased. Water may be permitted, only if there is natural thirst. If no thirst is present do not force fluid and have no fear of the patient suffering from lack of fluid, as he already carries an excess."

Rasputin, the Russian faith healer, helped correct the hemophilia of the son of the Russian Czar, Nicholas II, by laying on of hands and prayer. The "best M.D.s" in Russia were repeatedly unsuccessful trying to help Czar Nicholas II's son's hemophilia before Rasputin successfully helped heal him!

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Contact me NOW and I will teach you and supervise you with my new way to have this oneness with your inherent intelligence, your God within, how to properly water fast, how to eat properly, how to exercise properly, how to concentrate, feel and meditate properly on your symptoms, so as to help heal your health problem and your symptoms immediately, how to convert your "hopeless" chronic disease into a self-limited acute illness, how to touch yourself properly with your hands to help heal yourself, how to touch other humans and animals properly with your hands and help heal them from all kinds of health problems, whether they be physical, mental and/or spiritual, how to air bathe and sun bathe properly, how to have constructive sex activity and how to avoid destructive sex activity and how to properly do things with your lifestyle, mentality and spirituality, so as to successfully heal yourself, other humans and animals, immediately, completely and permanently.

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