By Dr. Bernarr, D.C.,D.D.

Dr. Herbert Shelton wrote, "Ninety percent of the examining and testing of patients practiced today is commercially motivated. This is to say, it is a profitable racket...A full ninety percent of the laboratory testing that is done, is done for the money that is in it and not because it has any value...When cause is not removed there is no reason why the sick should recover. No amount of
elaborate studies of pathology and expensive examinations and laboratory tests ever leads to removal of cause."

"Diagnosis is largely a matter of guesswork, as everyone who has had experience with physicians knows well. Every physician that a sufferer visits, diagnoses his disease differently, so that if he goes to twenty physicians he will have twenty diseases. I say, with a knowledge of the unity of disease, that all diagnoses are wrong...There are no competent diagnosticians and there can be none."

"Examinations and tests begin at the wrong end and lead to confusion and mischief. Due to the prevailing misconceptions about disease, these examinations and tests lead to the treatment of symptoms and a total ignoring of causes. In the whole long list of methods of examining a patient there is not one of them that is, even remotely, a search for cause. Every one of them without exception, is a waste of time on effects, results, and end-products. They throw no light on the causes back of the effects."

"Blood tests mean the least of all. Nature has a habit of maintaining the integrity of the bloodstream at all costs. Morphine given by hypodermic injection will be thrown into the stomach. Other poisons are thrown into other tissues. They do not show up in the blood."

"Diagnosis is the art and science of seeking for and analyzing effects and attaching Greek names to what one finds. The real purpose of diagnosis should be to ascertain the causes of the effects present. When cause is found, it may be removed or corrected, and the effects will cease. When effects are found, named and classified, they may be suppressed or removed, but the cause, uncorrected, will produce them all over again in even worse form."

"Giving a name to a set of symptoms does not reveal their causes. It only leads to a stereotyped treatment...Diagnosis does not reveal anything-it only obscures things."

"When the true nature of disease and the essential unity of all so-called disease are understood, the conventional distinctions between 'diseases' lose their importance. They are seen not to be vital. It becomes apparent that a search for causes is more important than a search for effects; that rational care of the patient consists of (1) removal and correction of the impairing influences back of the degeneration and (2) supplying the body with those essential conditions of life which are necessary to regeneration. The disappearance of symptoms is only incidental. Diagnosis is not only faulty in application, it is fundamentally wrong in principle. If consists in finding the non-existent and in differentiating the undifferentiated. There are no competent diagnosticians and there can be none."

"As the basic cause of all pathology is toxemia, it follows that the proper care of the sick is the removal of toxemia. Stated differently-the proper Hygienic care for all conditions is to supply the conditions of health in keeping with the current needs and capacities of the sick person and to remove all the causes of disease. The invalid will gradually evolve back into health of his own accord."

"The fact is obvious to any thinking individual that diagnosis is not a seeking for, and does not reveal, the cause of the patient's trouble and it fails to reveal proper means of remedying the trouble. It is high time the people were taught that the laboratory and x-ray are far from infallible."

Dr. Virginia Vetrano writes, "Of course, Dr. Shelton states all diagnoses are one hundred percent wrong, for looking at it (Natural) Hygienically, they are. Because of the unity of the body, and the unity of disease, there can be only one disease. However, we do know that certain organs or organ systems break down before others, in the presence of toxemia, causing impaired function. Naturally, it is sometimes a great advantage to know which organ system is not functioning properly.

"Since 70% of the patients at the Mayo Clinic are misdiagnosed, then according to medical practice, 70% are receiving wrong medical treatment. Add to this all the mistakes in dosing patients in hospitals and you probably have a figure of about 95% of patients receiving wrong medical care. Of course, (Natural) Hygienically, we know that 100% are receiving the wrong treatment."

"The physical examination should not be just a cursory thing as done in most physicians' offices. Every organ should be explored by palpation, ausculation, percussion, and observation. By the use of these combined methods of searching and close observation, plus a good case history, most (Natural) Hygienists have much more knowledge about their clients than does the physician."

"Nor is it essential to have a correct diagnosis to begin (Natural) Hygienic care. This is because of the unity of the body, the unity of cause, the unity of disease, and the unity of care. The body is a unit and when it breaks down, it breaks down as a whole. Toxemia causes a multitude of symptoms because of the multitude of organs with a multitude of functions to become impaired."

Dr. Richard C. Cabot of Harvard University Medical School and renowned author of many medical textbooks on diagnosis, wrote that postmortem examinations, which he had made in a thousand cases, had disclosed the fact that the antemortem diagnoses had been correct in only 53% of cases.

Autopsies made at Bellevue Hospital in New York, revealed that out of every hundred diagnoses made by physicians in charge, 47.7% were absolutely wrong.

Postmortem findings at a leading hospital in London, England showed that they were wrong in 55% of their antemortem diagnoses, which means that more than half of their patients were being treated for diseases which they did not have.

Martin L. Gross wrote in "The Doctors" that 70% of all diagnoses made at the Mayo Clinic were wrong, according to the studies made at autopsy.

Dr. T. Swann Harding wrote in "Fads, Frauds and Physicians", "Certainly few would contend that the snap diagnoses of average general practitioners working alone are right in more than one case out of five. The error on cancer diagnosis with the best facilities at hand is 30 to 40%."

Sir David Drummond, president of the Royal Society of Physicians and Surgeons of England, said, "In the practice of the average physician, diagnosis is wrong 80% of the time." He said that "postmortems exhibit the incorrectness of some 80% of prior diagnoses."

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