By Dr. Bernarr, D.C., D.D.

Colonics, enemas, laxatives, cleanses, purgatives, cathartics, drastics, mineral oil, rectal dilators, anal suppositories and other similar treatments to force bowel movements, are all dangerous and harmful to one's body. Never take them. They impair the entire metabolic processes of one's body. All forcing measures are enervating. Many cases of ulceration, hemorrhoids, colitis, flatulence, peritonitis and other digestive disorders, have had their origin from these forced bowel movement procedures. These forced bowel movement procedures are greatly enervating. They cause such a great loss of vital energy. One's body becomes so weakened as a result of such, that they prevent one's body from properly detoxifying. They drain one's bodily needed resources. They rob one's colon of its protective coating of mucous, and make one's colon weak and lazy. They are not natural and no animals in the wild take them to move their bowels. Mind one's own business and let the bowels mind theirs. Their is no law of nature that says one must have a daily bowel movement.
The last half of one's colon is the storage colon. The feces are in a semi-solid form and are not absorbable. There is no absorption of poisons from one's colon while fasting, while on a so-called elimination diet or while one is eating the Standard American Diet. Contrary to common belief, there is no hardened, caked-on crust of toxic waste materials lining one's colon which "can only be removed by colonics". Bowel movement is not elimination. When one's bowels move, there is only voiding of what was previously eliminated and what had never been in one's body at all, but only in one's digestive tube.
If one's instinctive, inherent intelligence, one's God within, does not want to move one's bowels, one should not think that one is smarter than one's beautiful, intelligent body. One's colon, when permitted to do so, performs its function, as automatically and spontaneously, as one's heart, liver, stomach, kidneys and breathing.
One's bowels do not move because one's gastrointestinal tract is under more inflammatory stress than one can presently tolerate. Enervation from lack of rest and sleep, overeating, wrong eating, incompatible food combinations, overwork, nervous tension, nervousness, lack of proper exercise, lack of fresh air and sunshine, overworking the kidneys and impairing digestion by drinking too much water, atony (lack of muscular tone), spasticity and a self-destructive lifestyle, are the principal causes of one's bowel's inactivity. There are occasions when one's body finds it necessary to muster all of its energies for some special purpose, as in serious sickness accompanied by lack of desire for food, and one's colon may remain inactive for some time. Give it a physiological rest, a water fast, until one's digestive tract is asymptomatic and/or one is genuinely hungry
If one's colon is under inflammatory stress, i.e., one is constipated, one should, while water fasting, close one's eyes, feel, concentrate on and feelingly meditate on, whatever symptoms one has in one's colon. One's colon is always talking to one. Listen and do what one's God within, one's inherent intelligence is telling one to do.
Then one can spontaneously have all the bowel movements that one needs.
Nothing cleanses one's colon but one's colon itself. One's bowel is a self-cleansing organ. One's God within one's colon has successfully cleansed itself spontaneously for billions of years that living beings have been on earth. It is already built into the DNA, the genes and chromosomes. One never needs a therapeutic agent to cleanse one's colon. The enema, colonic, cleanses, etc., have no power themselves. They are inert substances. Only one's live colon has the power to react.
One's colon has but one function in relation to food waste. One's colon retains the waste until such time as one's inherent intelligence is ready to dispose of it.


maymay: You state that you "have a friend who is diagnosed of cancer (tumors in her intestines). She took a surgery in the past to remove her womb. She has been having problems with her intestines (serious indigestibility) and candida as well. She can't seem to digest anything at the present moment except for semi liquid and liquid foods....She is asking me if I could help here to design a weekly menu for her...The doctors said her condition is really critical and she can die any moment...Can colonic irrigations help?"
Nobody should have colonic irrigations or enemas. If one's bowels don't choose to move, let them rest till the inherent intelligence of the God within wants them to move. If one is constipated, this indicates that the digestive tract is under some kind of inflammatory stress and needs a physiological rest. Don't force the digestive tact to move when it is under such inflammatory stress. If you break your arm or leg or you are having heart pains, those bodily parts are under inflammatory stress. If you force them to move because you think you are more intelligent than the inherent intelligence of the God within, you will end up crippling yourself or maybe dead! Your inflammatory stressed digestive tract is no different from your broken arm or leg or your heart, that is in pain. They all need physiological rest until they heal. Leave them alone. Just water fast, in bed, with your eyes closed, feelingly meditating on your symptoms, until you are asymptomatic. If she is unable to digest anything, her body may be crying for a physiological rest, a water fast. If she chooses to eat, feed her raw, unprocessed vegan foods that she likes and that agree with her.

Contrary to popular conception, one does not need treatment, monitoring and testing, when one water fasts and supervision when one eats.


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