By Dr. Bernarr, D.C, D.D.

Chelation is pronounced key-lay-shun. The Greek word for chelation means "claw". In the world of chemistry, "chelation" refers to the clutching grip of a particle (molecule) by other molecules. The natural process of chelation is ongoing in the body. For example, the dietary iron consumed in food is chelated within the tissues of our bodies.

The God within depends upon only naturally chelated minerals, minerals organically organized within living food molecules. It will reject the inorganic molecules because they are unusable. They contain no life. Plant food molecules have incorporated within their complex structure the very essence of life.

Chelation therapy is the infusion of disodium EDTA into a patient's veins, so that it will circulate and chelate excess metals, especially calcium from the bloodstream, from within the cells and from the hard plaque in arteries. EDTA chemical solution is a petrochemical drug compound. Dr. Herbert Shelton and other Natural Hygienists have stated that minerals in an inorganic form are difficult to absorb, and, even if they are absorbed, they are unusable.

T.C. Fry wrote that chelates "are, themselves, toxic in the body." But chelates are more likely to combine with the needed minerals in the blood stream and deprive us of them rather than with concreted calcium plaque that also involves fats, cholesterols and other minerals. Without wisdom they make only physical unions with anything and everything.

Dr. Virginia Vetrano writes, "minerals in the inorganic form are poorly absorbed and those that do slip past the intestinal barrier are not used efficiently by the body. Indeed they actually can cause irreparable damage. The minerals that are usable are secured only through plants. Plants alone have the synthesizing powers to take minerals from the soil and raise them up to an organic form that is available to animals. Animals do not have this power...Feeding minerals in chelated form is likely to produce greater harm than the former minerals preparation did. Unfortunately they are in a form that gets past the gastrointestinal membrane into the system where they will upset the mineral balance of the body."

"The organism will recognize the material as foreign substance that cannot be used, and it must proceed to eliminate it as rapidly as possible before it harms vital tissues. This will cause unnecessary expenditure of energy, producing enervation and toxemia.

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Contact me NOW and I will teach you and supervise you with my new way to have this oneness with your inherent intelligence, your God within, how to properly water fast, how to eat properly, how to exercise properly, how to concentrate, feel and meditate properly on your symptoms, so as to help heal your health problem and your symptoms immediately, how to convert your "hopeless" chronic disease into a self-limited acute illness, how to touch yourself properly with your hands to help heal yourself, how to touch other humans and animals properly with your hands and help heal them from all kinds of health problems, whether they be physical, mental and/or spiritual, how to air bathe and sun bathe properly, how to have constructive sex activity and how to avoid destructive sex activity and how to properly do things with your lifestyle, mentality and spirituality, so as to successfully heal yourself, other humans and animals, immediately, completely and permanently.

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