By Dr. Bernarr, D.C., D.D.

Most people do not know how to properly fast.

None of the so-called supervised fasting practitioners know how to properly fast. None of these so-called fasting practitioners remain in bed, feelingly meditating on their symptoms when they fast themselves nor do they insist on such with their patients.

Neither did recent, late Natural Hygiene contemporaries like Drs. Herbert Shelton, Christopher Gian-Cursio, Bob Gross, John Mega, Marvin Telmar, Jesse Mercer Gehman, Max Warmbrand, John Brosius, Jack Goldstein, etc., and lay people, T. C. Fry, R. J. Cheatham, Dave Stry, Hereward Carrington, Arnold Ehret, Paul Bragg, Paavo Airola, Simon Gould, Ted Port, Jack Trop, Irving Davidson, Hannah Allen, Bernarr McFadden, Mahatma Gandhi, etc., understand how to properly fast. They all mistakenly contended that they were experts on fasting.

When one fasts, one should eat nothing and drink nothing but water. One must lie down, close one's eyes and keep them closed, 24 hours a day, 7 day a week, i.e., every moment one can! One should just drink only as much water as one's thirst demands.

Closing the eyes, rests the brain and mind. An electric rhythm starts as soon as the eyes are closed and ceases immediately when they are opened. This rhythm serves to clear "negative charges" from the brain. Activity of the eyes prevents recuperation from occurring.
When one's eyes are closed and one is at complete rest, bodily energies rejuvenate, cells replenish, tissues repair and organs refresh themselves and are made ready for renewed activity.
When one is sick, one is greatly devitalized and enervated from overactivity, excesses, stimulation and emotional excitement. One should close one's eyes and keep them closed, for completely resting every part of one's body.

Animals and babies instinctively know that they must close their eyes to feel better.
The most common, difficult to manage diseases, are often related to a sleep deficiency. If one is sick or tired, one has a sleep deficiency. Healing takes place, when one is asleep or when one's eyes are closed. If one is sick, one has a deficiency of healing, therefore a deficiency of sleep.

The body makes the healing of a bone, a priority, as opposed to doing other things that are not quite as important. With additional sleep, and/or closing of one's eyes, the quicker one will heal. It does not matter what is or what causes one's health problem, whether it is because of lifestyle abuse or external trauma. One needs more sleep and/or closing one's eyes. That is the most important thing one can do to make oneself well.
Vital energy is produced by the blessed elixir of sleep and/or closing of one's eyes. Sleep and/or closing one's eyes are nature's great restorative healing processes.
Vital energy is used up by all the activities of life. Vital energy is used up by physical activity, by talking, by digestion, by emotions, by thinking, by seeing, by hearing, by smelling and by sex.

After activity, the brain grows weary and the physical demand for sleep and/or closing the eyes is great. Nerve cell fatigue or exhaustion is deep seated and much time is required to recover. It is the lowering of vital energy in the nerve cells which leads to physical and mental trouble. Carried to an extreme, it leads to a "nervous breakdown". Close one's eyes to replenish one's nerve cells and one's nerves will get better and feel better.

The actual storing up of the energy reserves or the energy sources, takes place during rest. Activity expends and rest restores the bodily resources. The more the body is stimulated, the sooner it completely collapses. The weaker the body, the less it is able to withstand the action of stimulants. The weaker the body, the greater the necessity of "doing nothing" intelligently, just closing one's eyes.

When one closes one's eyes and pain, discomfort or depression prevents one from sleeping, keep one's eyes closed, until the pain, discomfort or depression leaves. One should concentrate, meditate, feel, think on the pain, discomfort or depression as intensely as one can. As long as one continues to do this, one will awaken as refreshed as if one slept for that same period of time as when one's eyes are closed.

One's brain and body are always talking to one and one must learn to listen and do what one's brain and body tell one to do. To better listen to one's brain and body, one can concentrate best, if one keeps one's eyes closed.

To heal oneself of disease, one should rest one's brain and body, by keeping one's eyes closed. Every activity of one's eyes, depletes one's vitality and inhibits restoration of one's health.
In every moment of one's 24 hours, keep one's eyes closed, just like dogs, cats and other pets do, and open one's eyes only to satisfy one's needs, whether one's needs be biological, physical, social, economic or spiritual.

When one is sick, one should lie down, keep one's body inactive, keep one's eyes closed and concentrate, meditate, think on, keep one's mind on one's pain and discomfort, till one's pain and distress completely disappear.

All fasting doctors and practitioners who personally fast their own bodies, who supervise patients who fast and all people who fast themselves, all make the same mistake. They do not keep their eyes closed every moment of the 24 hours, every day that they fast.
Many of our fasting doctors, practitioners and authorities have died prematurely because they did not know how to properly fast. They fasted and expended vital nerve energy unnecessarily by keeping their eyes open and were unnecessarily active during their respective fasts.

Many of these fasting doctors, practitioners and authorities wrote and lectured eloquently about fasting, but they never really understood the what, why, when, where and how to apply fasting. George Bernard Shaw wrote: "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach or write."
The purpose of a fast is to completely rest the body, not to just eliminate toxins nor to just rest the digestive tract. The purpose of fasting is to conserve vital energy and to replenish vital energy. Every moment that one fasts and that one simultaneously opens one's eyes, one is preventing oneself from getting healed as rapidly and as well as possible. One is wasting vital energy when one opens one's eyes.

Every bit of vital energy is needed by sick persons to recover their health.
During a fast, one must have total rest. One can only accomplish total rest, by keeping one's eyes closed. Lie down and close one's eyes, every time one can. It is the most important thing one can do to get well and keep well.

Some people question my suggestion, "For a chronic condition, you should not fast."
Some people ask, "Why not? Aren't chronic conditions simply acute conditions that were never properly resolved? Why not give the body every opportunity to resolve them?"
Some people are contending that they are more intelligent than the inherent intelligence within their bodies, their God within. The cells of our bodies have been around for billions of years on earth. The optimum thing for our bodies to do at any moment is already built into our genes, our chromosomes and our DNA.

We are but passengers on the train of life, not the conductors. Our inherent intelligence, our God within, is always talking to us. All one need do is listen and do what it tells one to do. One should just lie down, close one's eyes and do whatever one's body tells one to do. If one needs to fast, one's body will tell one to do so.

If one needs to eat, one's body will tell one to do so. If there are any other biological activities that one's body needs one to do, it will tell one to do so. Do only what one's inherent intelligence, one's God within one's body, tells one to do. One should not have delusions of grandeur that one or any other living being or hypothesis knows more than what one's body tells one at any moment of one's life.I have helped thousands of people and animals, world-wide, heal themselves of all kinds of "hopeless" health problems, physical, mental and spiritual, completely and permanently, via the Internet. Contact me NOW and I will personally teach you and supervise you how to heal yourself, your loved ones and your animals, via the Internet.


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