By Dr. Bernarr, D.C., D.D.

Our bodies always do the right thing. After billions of years of life on earth, the God within, the inherent intelligence within each cell of our bodies, has learned to make the optimum adaptation and resolution, to any problem to which our bodies are subjected.

Whatever stresses our bodies presently have, our ancestors have successfully learned how to successfully cope with such, previously. It is already built into the DNA, the genes and chromosomes. This inherent intelligence, if it chooses to produce cancer, it does so to protect us. This cancer or whatever the pathology or symptomatology, helps us survive, despite our self-destructive thinking and lifestyle.

This cancer is for our protective benefit. Normally the four organs of detoxification, the kidneys, the large intestines, the respiratory tract and the skin, detoxify the body, when it is intoxicated. When the bodily intoxication is greater than the body can presently detoxify, the toxins are retained in a weak area of the body. The cancer is an attempt of the God within us, to temporarily encapsulate the toxins in our bodies, until we choose to correct our self-destructive thinking and lifestyle.

Cancer, like all bodily dysfunctions, is a protective reaction of the God within one's body, the inherent intelligence of one's body, to maintain a homeostasis of the body. This transpires, despite the spiritual dysfunction, irrational thinking and self-destructive lifestyle of the sick living being!

To assault the sick person with any destructive, suppressive, interfering
treatment, can only make the patient's health worse and cannot possibly help
the patient! This cancer or whatever is the pathology, is always controlled
cell growth.

Metastasis is the transfer of a disease-producing agency from the site of the
disease to another part of the body. Metastasis of cancer is also similarly, a protective reaction of the God within the body, the inherent intelligence of the body to maintain homeostasis of the body. When the cancer exacerbates in a particular part of the body, the inherent intelligence of the body, reacts and protectively spreads the toxicity to other weak bodily parts, for life saving help.

To get well from cancer or any other chronic disease, one must make one's chronic disease, an acute disease, again. All chronic diseases are acute diseases that have been suppressed. All acute disease is self-limited.

To get well from cancer and all diseases, one must correct one's spiritual life, mental thinking and lifestyle!

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Dr. Bernarr, D.C. D.D.

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Contact me NOW and I will teach you and supervise you with my new way to have this oneness with your inherent intelligence, your God within, how to properly water fast, how to eat properly, how to exercise properly, how to concentrate, feel and meditate properly on your symptoms, so as to help heal your health problem and your symptoms immediately, how to convert your "hopeless" chronic disease into a self-limited acute illness, how to touch yourself properly with your hands to help heal yourself, how to touch other humans and animals properly with your hands and help heal them from all kinds of health problems, whether they be physical, mental and/or spiritual, how to air bathe and sun bathe properly, how to have constructive sex activity and how to avoid destructive sex activity and how to properly do things with your lifestyle, mentality and spirituality, so as to successfully heal yourself, other humans and animals, immediately, completely and permanently.

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